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What is L2RQ?

Welcome to AQL’s research center, L2RQ – Learn to Read Quran. Here you will find that we do more than just advocate Quranic literacy; we give you the tools to make it accessible, tangible, and achievable. The L2RQ resources reflect our ongoing commitment to developing and improving Quranic literacy around the world through a curriculum that makes it easy for any student at any level to learn to read Quran.

How to Use L2RQ

Follow the tabs above in order, from left to right, to sample the full range of our curriculum, from learning to read, to retaining the Book of Allah. If your learning level is higher than a given section, please feel free to move to the next one. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

(Please remember that Internet instruction can never replace a live teacher. However, these resources do offer an excellent starting point or supplement for those who want to begin/continue their Quranic learning.)